Oh My!

This post was begun Saturday, April 27, 2013:

I can’t fully express my feelings this evening.  Today we enjoyed a presentation by Molly Schiessl, owner of Fourth Corner Fine Quilt Gallery in Ashland, Oregon.  Molly has recently relocated to Eugene, and agreed to share some of her antique quilt collection at our quilt show.  The presentation was amazing!

She began by asking members of the audience what type of documentation they included on their quilts: the date, a dedication, signature of the quiltmaker, and even the age of the quiltmaker are all very useful information to attach to the quilt.  Most historical quilts do not have that information; they are undated and unsigned.  Molly’s collection dates from the 1840’s to the 1940’s.  Here are a few photos of quilts she shared with us:

 Crib quilt, probably from a kit

Crib quilt, probably from a kit

Closeup, isn't it nice?

Closeup, isn’t it nice?

Here’s another one:

I love this circus theme!

I love this circus theme!

And look what she also had!

And look what she also had!

So that tells you a lot about how common this kit must have been!!

Then she showed this sensational quilt, Elizabeth Norcross’ 1847 New Jersey Quaker Friendship Quilt.  This quilt has inscriptions throughout the blocks, ink drawings, wonderful detail!

Truly a beautiful quilt!

Truly a beautiful quilt!

One of my favorite blocks

One of my favorite blocks

Many unique blocks in this quilt

Many unique blocks in this quilt

Note the spiral inscription here!

Note the spiral inscription here!

More information is available about antique quilts at www.fcfquilts.com

But before I finish this post, let me just show you this marvelous example of Broderie Perse

1819 Broderie Perse Quilt

1819 Broderie Perse Quilt

Here's a nice closeup.  The workmanship is wonderful!

Here’s a nice closeup. The workmanship is wonderful!

Seeing these marvelous quilts made my heart sing!  Quilting transcends the generations, and I can imagine the quilters who lived long ago as well as the quilters yet to be.  We were so fortunate to have Molly Schiessl share her wonderful quilts with us!

“Our Quilting Family” a Stunning Success!

The Pioneer Quilters Unbroken Thread Quilt Show, “Our Quilting Family,” opened to an enthusiastic crowd of quilt lovers this past Tuesday, April 23, 2013!  Our featured quilters, Joyce Garrett and Jamie Wagle, were busy throughout the day, sharing their wonderful exhibit with attendees.

Featured Quilters Joyce Garret and Jamie Wagle

The Featured Quilters display area. Jamie’s Celtic Applique quilt is shown on the right and Joyce’s “Leaves” hanging on the left.

These sisters have done many projects together throughout the years, and in many cases have their quilts displayed side by side, as the Twisted Ribbon Bargello quilts are.

Twisted Ribbon Bargello.  Jamie's is on the right

Twisted Ribbon Bargello. Jamie’s is on the right

Signature Quilts.  Which one is Joyce's?

Signature Quilts. Which one is Joyce’s?

Throughout the day their display area has been very busy as show attendees stop to view their work and discuss it with them.

Joyce (on the right) at the exhibit

Joyce (on the right) at the exhibit 

Jamie, comparing signature quilts both she and Joyce have displayed

Jamie, comparing signature quilts both she and Joyce have displayed

Another stunner!  Whose is it?

Another stunner! Whose is it?

Jessica Beaudet is the Star of the Day!

We enjoyed a thrilling presentation by Eugene Modern Quilt Guild President Jessica Beaudet Wednesday afternoon, “The Modern Quilt Movement & Trunk Show.”  And what a trunk show she shared with us!

Jessica is an accomplished and passionate speaker; I am so very glad I was able to hear her presentation:

Jessica Beaudet

Jessica Beaudet

She very generously shared her knowledge of the Modern Quilt Movement, reminding the audience that we all speak the same quilting language, no matter what the form of our communication is: in person, by telephone, or by internet connection.  She uses the internet as a tool to enhance and share her quilting knowledge with quilters worldwide.

Jeanne Wong introducing Jessica

Jeanne Wong introducing Jessica

And here are some of the quilts!  (Please excuse the head views — every seat was taken today!)

This "Improvised Chair" quilt is shown sideways to display the hour that belongs just to Jessica

This “Improvised Chair” quilt is shown sideways to display the hour that belongs just to Jessica

Isn't this compelling?

Isn’t this compelling?

Note the setting of the bolder blocks -- just a slightly different take

Note the setting of the bolder blocks — just a slightly different take

A traditional block, and really, a red & green quilt, but with a definite edge!

A traditional block, a red & green quilt, but with a definite color edge!

We thank Jessica profusely, for her presentation at the show today!  Our community is so fortunate to have such a talented and generous quilter in our midst!

And lastly, exhibited in our show, is a marvelous quilt by Jenny Bonynge (quilted by Cynthia Brunz) in the modern aesthetic.

"First Flight" by Jenny Bonynge

“First Flight” by Jenny Bonynge

On With the Show!!

The Pioneer Quilters show, “Our Quilting Family,” begins Tuesday morning, April 23, at the Lane County Historical Museum, Eugene, Oregon!  Today the show was hung, a quilt set up for us to work on during the show, and the Pioneer Quilters Boutique was set up!  We are ready!

This show is the largest fundraiser of each year for the Museum.  Our dedicated group works all year to provide Boutique items to sell during the show, and 100% of all those proceeds go to the Museum.  In addition, the Museum has purchased a few hard-to-find quilting books you might be interested in:

This one will go in my collection, by Gwen Marston

This one will go in my collection, by Gwen Marston


Barbara Brackman’s books belong in all our libraries. She is the authority on quilt blocks


Another Brackman I need to own…


This one is delightful!


A DVD! The staff was thinking of quilt visitors when they stocked up…


This is a great DVD, what a talent!


This whole shelf is filled with quilting goodies. They even have a sewing machine pencil sharpener!

Here are just a few photos from setup:


Our quilt take-in crew, ready for some action.


Our featured quilters Joyce Garrett and Jamie Wagle. Barbara Ganzel is sitting in the middle.

I will have some photos of Boutique items for you tomorrow, but for now I’ll show you a quilt that John sewed and I quilted.  This is his first Jellyroll quilt, all in soft pastel batiks.  He likes to use Minky backing, because it is so soft and cuddly.  I added some fancy quilting, and we are offering it for sale at the quilt show.  All proceeds will go to the Museum!


It measures 55×63, just the right size for a lap quilt


Here’s a closeup of the center quilting from the front


I really love quilting…I got a little carried away with this one…


A bit of the back


The photos don’t show the color accurately. The Minky back is a nice lavender.

So here’s the deal.  The materials and quilting for this quilt would come to over $250.  I donated my quilting time, and the materials, and John donated the sewing time.  We’re offering this work of art (that you can snuggle with) for $175.  And, yes, you can buy it by calling me.  But I’ll be at the quilt show all week, so if you really want t, come to the show!  Soon!


The crew loading the quilt for our group to work on during the show


These are the raffle blocks we are offering this year. The blocks were made using the original 1929 Nancy Page patterns, printed in the Portland Oregonian. There was a contest and monetary prize for the best quilt. We have two quilts hanging beside the blocks that were made during that contest!
Raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5, and the winner will also receive some coordinating fabric yadage!

So this all starts tomorrow morning at 10!  Admission is $5 per person.  You can buy a weekly pass for $10 and come several times to enjoy the speaker presentations and demonstrations.  See you there!


Just a Couple More

This is another wonderful quilt by Jan G! You won’t find any intense feathers or bubbles or other quilting designs here; the quilting is and should be background, to emphasize the subject of the quilt, and hopefully enhance it.  I can imagine this quilt in a dog-lover’s home:

The Golden Lab

Golden Days

This dog looks so true to life, I can almost feel its happy disposition.  The green kerchief around its neck, and almost smile make me think I’m about to get a big loving lick, or maybe a request to go run in the park.

Closeup of the fur

Closeup of the fur

The eyes sparkle!

The eyes sparkle!

And yet another quilt by Jan G, a nice throw quilt showcasing beautiful batik fabrics:

Very nice color choices!

Very nice color choices!

The quilting is an allover feather and swirl design, inspired by the fabrics.  You can see a little bit of it in this closeup:

A little bit of fun here

A little bit of fun here

Even though the quilting isn’t dominant for these two quilts, it still plays an important supporting role, and I still have a lot of fun with little extra touches that can be viewed up close.

There’s a New Quilter in the House

Sometime this past January I showed my husband John how to sew a seam.  Then he sewed another.  And another.  And then he had a quilt top made.  And then I quilted it for him.

Quilt Number One!

Quilt Number One!

He gave this quilt to a young lady who is recovering from distress in her life.  We began with the four patch in the center, then added a couple borders.  Then he found my Civil War reproduction fabrics and made a bunch of squares.  He likes squares.

Nice feathered wreath in the center...

Nice feathered wreath in the center…

Quilting Closeup

Quilting Closeup

Here’s a photo of him binding this quilt.  John is a retired surgeon, and at one point he came into my studio in a huff, saying, “These needles are archaic!” and looking for a curved needle…He has settled on a larger needle, I think a #3 basting needle.  I did explain to him that I’ve been sewing for over 50 years, and it just takes time to get used to the small needles.  He does have the grace to admire my invisible hand stitches…

The back side is Minke, not the easiest to hand sew

The back side is Minke, not the easiest to hand sew

So that quilt (Audrey’s Quilt) was barely out the door and he was ready to make another…

It’s All About Time…

I knew I’d neglected my blog, but I didn’t realize I had started neglecting it so long ago!  I have been working steadily; I think I’m now only two quilts behind — which really means I’m caught up…

I did a little more beading and painting to enhance the border

I did a little more beading and painting to enhance the border

Here's a closeup of the beading, just so ya know...

Here’s a closeup of the beading, just so ya know…

Autumn Pathways didn’t make it into the Road to California show.  I was disappointed but my friends all consoled me and then I felt better.  It was accepted to the AQS Lancaster show that opened today, and it received an HONORABLE MENTION!  It is also accepted into the AQS Paducah show held this April. I have always lionized the Paducah show, and really did not expect to have the quilt accepted.  I am thrilled!!

The experience of entering competitions and receiving comments from the judges has been very valuable.  Yes, they did notice all the little details that weren’t perfect.  But yes, they have made very nice comments about the design and execution of techniques.  I know I want to continue to explore this type of work.  I can’t remember how many hours I spent creating Autumn Pathways, but I know it was somewhere in excess of 400 hours.  That’s ten work weeks…if you work full time (and I really don’t)…

I can feel my biological clock ticking, and I want to give myself enough time to make a few more of these quilts. And of course, I also need enough time to make as many SpongeBobSquarePants skirts as possible!