Red & White Delight

This quilt belongs to Ann P. who asked me to put feathers on it.  Twist my arm!  Please, could I put feathers on it?  Ann is one of those quilters who does everything right.  She trims the extra threads from the seam allowances on the back.  The quilt and back are pressed and folded carefully to avoid any extra wrinkling of the fabric. She pays careful attention to each detail, and that really makes a difference in the finished quilt.


The quilt and backing are square.  All these details take time and effort, but they really make a difference when I begin to work on the quilt.

I placed a feathered wreath in the center of the “plain” block, and a feathered “V” shape from the center of the “X” block.  That combined nicely with the feathered wreath to create an extended design.

Feathered Wreath

Feathered Wreath

Inside the red chain patches I put a very small continuous feather sprig to create a continuity of movement.

Detail of "X" block

Detail of “X” block

Ann used a double sawtooth border for this quilt, a feature that elevates the quilt visually.  I wanted the sawtooth to show and puff a bit, so I put a very simple continuous curve in it.

Ann's Extra Touch

Ann’s Extra Touch

Then I placed a very curvy feather along the entire border, again adding movement and softness.

This entire quilt was a pleasure to work on, and I’m very pleased with the results.  It is, however, difficult to see your quilting when you’re working with toile, so I had to work without the machine light on — otherwise I couldn’t see the stitches!

Here's a little bit of the back!

Here’s a little bit of the back!

Look for this quilt at the Pioneer Quilters’ 37th Annual Unbroken Thread Quilt Show, April 23-28, 2013, at the Lane County Historical Museum, Lane County Fairgrounds.  The show opens at 10am and closes at 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  Sunday, the last day of the show, the hours are 10am through 4pm.

Just a Couple More

This is another wonderful quilt by Jan G! You won’t find any intense feathers or bubbles or other quilting designs here; the quilting is and should be background, to emphasize the subject of the quilt, and hopefully enhance it.  I can imagine this quilt in a dog-lover’s home:

The Golden Lab

Golden Days

This dog looks so true to life, I can almost feel its happy disposition.  The green kerchief around its neck, and almost smile make me think I’m about to get a big loving lick, or maybe a request to go run in the park.

Closeup of the fur

Closeup of the fur

The eyes sparkle!

The eyes sparkle!

And yet another quilt by Jan G, a nice throw quilt showcasing beautiful batik fabrics:

Very nice color choices!

Very nice color choices!

The quilting is an allover feather and swirl design, inspired by the fabrics.  You can see a little bit of it in this closeup:

A little bit of fun here

A little bit of fun here

Even though the quilting isn’t dominant for these two quilts, it still plays an important supporting role, and I still have a lot of fun with little extra touches that can be viewed up close.

Random Quiltings

These quilts were done during December 2012 and January 2013, but haven’t been published yet.

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night

Quilting Closeup

Quilting Closeup

Quilting on the Back

Quilting on the Back

I’ve quilted this quilt one time before, and I was very happy to see another one come to my frame.  I’d like to make this quilt for myself, it’s just very beautiful. Here’s a little bit of the sky:

Morning Stars

Morning Stars

And this quilt was done in January, a raffle quilt for the Daffodil Festival held each year at the Long Tom Grange, Junction City, Oregon.  This was a five-part block of the month quilt through a magazine.  The group followed the pattern, then in the last segment there was a note that the patterns for months 3 and 4 were published in the wrong size…oops…

Daffodil Quilt

Daffodil Quilt


I love these roses


The Cardinal and the Butterfly are just wonderful!

When you look at the overall view of the quilt, you can see the amount of work that went into each block.  I could only imagine the amount of juggling the quilting group, led by Elenita Saltmarsh, had to do to make those pieces fit together seamlessly.  I did have a copy of the magazine on hand and could see the very slight differences necessitated by the magazine’s mistake.  The quilt is extremely beautiful, and I know its new owner loves it!

I still have a few more quilts to show; I’ll share them in a followup post.

Leaves & Life

I have been very busy this winter: John had been in the hospital for 18 days during December, and I worked very little during that time. Just enough to meet Christmas deadlines for clients, and putting aside quilts that could wait. So I started the new year about four quilts behind, and soon zoomed to six quilts behind. January 1st my folks moved to Cottage Grove, and came to live with us until they can move into their home here.

Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

The move to their home here has been complicated: first it had to clear escrow. Then they wanted a little work done on it. Then they found the entire foundation was rotten…so they’ve been delayed moving to their house, but we now have two Lowrey organs in our home. Mom & Dad love GoodWill. They visit nearly every day.  It’s amazing the bargains you find there.

Mom's Lowrey Organ on the right, John's on the left...

Mom’s Lowrey Organ on the right,  John’s on the left…

In addition to collecting organs, teaching John to quilt, and working on my clients’ quilts, I’ve also been relearning to cook dinner for four every night! It’s been a very intense time. John and I also started going to the gym and working out…it’s been busy, but good. Very good. And just because you’re probably wondering, we’re all getting along very well.

That’s just the lead-up to show you what I’ve just finished, a quilt for a very special client, Joyce Garrett. Joyce and her sister Jamie are the featured quilters at this year’s Pioneer Quilters’ show (um, yes, I am the chairperson), and I’m quilting a quilt for each of them. Here is Joyce’s:

$5 Sampler BOM Quilt

$5 Sampler BOM Quilt, maybe 2002

I was working at Quilter’s Junction in Junction City, Oregon, when they hosted this $5 Sampler quilt.  You began the quilt by paying $5 for the first block kit.  The next month you brought your completed block to their meeting and were issued another block kit.  This is one of my favorite quilts, and I have one of my own from that time.

Jamie made some wonderful quilting space for me to play with

Joyce made some wonderful quilting space for me to play with – note the doubled cross-hatch lines


I became very attached to this feather-fern motif and used it throughout the quilt. Each cornerstone is an individual motif


These half stars are fantastic, aren’t they? More feathers, more tendrils, lots more quilting!

Apparently neither Joyce nor Jamie make small quilts! And in fact, most of the quilts in my queue are large  I have a Grandmother’s Flower Garden that just arrived yesterday that is 100×101. “The better to quilt upon, my dear!”

The really good news is I’m now only three quilts behind.


My husband and I lived in Elkton, Oregon for seven wonderful years, and we still miss our country life and the wonderful community there. During those seven years, a quilting group was formed that meets at the Elkton Community and Education Center (a wonderful facility just west of town). Elkton Quilters and Friends meets twice a month for a sew day, sharing information and techniques, hosting classes, and working on group projects.
They recently asked me to quilt a sampler quilt the group had worked on, a wonderful appliqué pattern from Piece O’ Cake designs. The beautiful applique is set off wonderfully with a darker background, giving the piece a modern look.

DSC05862The first step in quilting this piece was to stabilize the blocks and the appliqué.  Since it has a modern look, I knew I wanted to do something a little different in the background for fill.

So I scratched around on some paper for a while and came up with this motif that I’m calling “Whing Ding Thingama-Jing” because that’s what I say when I’m doing the quilting!

The applique blocks are wonderful!

The applique blocks are wonderful!

I just put wavy lines in the sashing, wanting to keep in the same whimsical style as the applique blocks.  And here is a closeup of the border:  it’s not as hard as it looks…DSC05875


I just have to include a couple of small bird blocks so you can see the wonderful detail:

I believe these are actual representations of the chickens and birds from our place in Elkton…

DSC05866Head west on Highway 38 to reach Elkton.  The community there sponsors events all year, and their community center and library features wonderful art shows.  Perhaps you will see this wonderful quilt there!


I have looked at the Storm at Sea pattern a number of times, and I did know you could create a heart shape by manipulating the color.  But this quilt came as a complete surprise to me when I realized what the pattern was.  My client, Jan G brought this to me, with a couple other quilts, but this one definitely needed to be finished before Christmas.

Hmm, hearts…what should I quilt on those?

Isn’t this an intriguing quilt?  Storm at Sea, who would have thought?  I quilted feather hearts inside the hearts, of course, using my entire set of heart templates to make the various sizes.  Inside the diamond shaped background is a curve filled with pearls and a couple of small feather-like flourishes.  The fill is overlapping spirals.  Then on the border is a pretty-much invisible undulating feather design.

Heart Detail

Note the spiral fill in here

These are called “hook” feathers. Each one is echoed individually as they are created.

So this finishes my updates.  I am currently only one quilt behind, which means I’m on top of the world and have enough time to post these blogs!

The “Emergency Quilting”

As I was working on Phoebe’s quilt, I received a call from my friend Helen Andrews, owner of The Quilt Patch.  A customer had come in, telling a story to break your heart.  Her stash had been vandalized, ripped and cut into pieces, her equipment ruined.  She had one completed quilt top in her car that escaped the damage; she had come to her daughter’s home for refuge from this incident.  Could I, would I, quilt this top for Helen’s customer?  Immediately?  I have a hard time turning Helen down.  She has supported my quilting efforts for over ten years, and is a very good friend.  I looked at my calendar.  I waffled a bit.  Then suddenly I saw how it could happen, if everything went just right.  If I worked longer on Phoebe’s quilt that day, and finished it, I could slip in the “Emergency Quilt” — Helen got in her car and brought the quilt to me and I began work on it the next day.  I worked extra hours, skipped attending Pioneer Quilters, and finished it that week.  So here is the Emergency Quilt:

My name for this quilt was “Almost Amish”

Imagine my distress when I realized I had no black Glide thread…

I used dark navy thread, and I actually prefer it to the black

Detail of the appliqué

I heard that the client loved the quilt.  I never actually met her, only know her through this vibrant quilt.

Catching Up!

I know it’s election day!  Maybe this will distract you for a few moments.  I have been working a lot, getting caught up with client quilts, and here are some pics of them!

First is Phoebe’s quilt.  Phoebe is the granddaughter of a friend of mine, and this is her first completed quilt project.  The instructions I received were to quilt it just like the magazine, and I sort of did.  I just added a few flourishes.  Really.

Halfsquare triangles, not too hard…but the hearts on the outside? Lots of bias edges, pretty hard to piece together

Just imagine it right side up…

These are the flourishes I was talking about

Corner detail, just a sweet quilt

I did get a chance to see this quilt after the binding was sewed down, and it is truly beautiful.  Phoebe will be able to enjoy this quilt for many years, and I’m super happy to have been a part of it.

AND THEN…Deanna’s Fairy Quilt

Deanna is the same quilter who made the Wedding Star quilt that took Viewer’s Choice at the Coburg Quilt Show.  I think this piece will take some honors as well:

Each fairy is associated with a flower, and the border also has each flower appliquéd on it

A quilt like this is tricky to quilt.  There is so much beautiful space for quilting design, and yet you don’t want to take attention away from the appliqué.

And notice the matching flower in the border…

I love each of these girls!

And a couple more:

I love this kick. And look at the beautifully done legs and feet!

The detail shows the triple crosshatching I did on the border as well as the variety of feathers

So I think this quilt is another winner from Deanna.  Thanks to her I got to work on this gorgeous quilt, and I didn’t have to do the applique myself!!

Back to Work

This week I’ve been working on a quilt belonging to my good friend and client Bea.  It is an especially beautiful pineapple quilt called “Pineapple Rings.”  Here it is:

The quilt measures 77×102, just right for this double bed

As you can see, there are lots of straight lines.  So I stitched in the ditch in the areas that have bold color and put spiral feather wreaths in the circular light areas.

Here’s a closer look:

Spiral Feathers. Remember you can click on the image to make it larger

Of course, the front is interesting…but the back is where I live:

I really like the pebble spiral in interior of the feathers

And one more that just shows some of the smaller feathers I put in the “football” shapes:

These little flippy feathers added some contrasting motion to the straight lines of the pineapple shape

Oh, I just have one extra photo, so I may as well use it:

This is my favorite one

So this has been a very good week for me.  I finished quilting this project and also have been beading the small quilt that will be donated to Emerald Valley Quilters for their Small Quilt Auction.  I’ll post some pictures of that one as soon as it’s finished.  Now I think I’ll collapse on the couch.

Whew! Made the Deadline!

I’m just coming up for air this week after finishing Deanna C’s big quilt.  It was a joy to work on, everything was square, flat, even edges and the borders were exactly right.  It was just big!

Deanna C’s Wedding Star quilt

The quilting went very easily, I’m just going to post the pictures so you can see for yourself…

Closeup of the Star

This is a Judy Niemeyer Wedding Star pattern.  As you can see, I inserted a little feather bouquet in the background area.

The curved cross-hatching was an idea given to me by a friend when I was wondering what to do in that small space in the oval.  The rings themselves are simply stitch in the ditch, just let the fabric speak for itself.

Closeup of a ring

This beautiful quilt will be shown at the quilt show in Coburg, OR this next weekend (July 28, 2012).

It was quite a rush at the last to get it completed and bound in time to deliver to the show.


This picture was taken from my teaching post at the EVQ Schoolhouse Night.  In the yellow is Susan Rogers, one of my students, and in the background you can see the other teaching stations.  I believe we had nine teachers; our members could choose three topics, 20 minutes at each table.  It was quite a rush to do the presentation, but everyone seemed to love the pincushions!  I had kits, 15 threaded needles and a very hot glue gun at the ready.  I gave out 43 pincushion kits that night.  Super fun!

FINALLY — Almost Done

Autumn Pathways Photo by Jesse Shields

The painting is finished.  I am now working on adding beads to the piece.  I will bind it in gold, with curved corners; I think that will go nicely with this piece.  All the color was done with pastel chalk.

Closeup of Autumn Pathways Photo by Jesse Shields

So this week I’ve been working on the beading.   I also quilted a very small piece (24×21) to donate to Emerald Valley Quilt Guild for their small quilt auction at their quilt show September 28 & 29, 2012.  I’ll post some pics of that later; it will also be a painted quilt.  The next client quilt is loaded on the frame, and today I’m going to play with the grandkids in celebration!

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