Pioneer Quilters Boutique is Amazing!

Remember the Jellyroll Quilt?  Within the first hour we had a bid of $175 for it.  The prospective buyer very graciously suggested we continue to display the quilt and accept further bids on it throughout the show.  So we have a silent auction set up for that quilt!  If you would like to bid on the quilt, simply speak with the Lane County Historical Museum staff to place a bid.  Yes, we’re very excited!!

AND the Boutique items are just as wonderful this year as in past years:

Aren't these fabric bowls beautiful?

Aren’t these fabric bowls beautiful?

We also have wonderful sets of coasters, made using the same technique, in many colors!

Show your loyalty with a pincushion!

Show your loyalty with a pincushion!

"For the Love of Yo-Yo's"

“For the Love of Yo-Yo’s”

We still have some wonderful bags for you to choose from.  Here is one made of selvedges:

Selvedge edge zippered bag

Selvedge edge zippered bag

You can't have too many pincushions...

You can’t have too many pincushions…

Even the most expensive boutique items (in the $20 range) are priced at less than the supplies to make them.  The Pioneer Quilters group works throughout the year to create these delightful and useful items for our sewing pleasure.  100% of the proceeds are donated to the Museum!

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