Red & White Delight

This quilt belongs to Ann P. who asked me to put feathers on it.  Twist my arm!  Please, could I put feathers on it?  Ann is one of those quilters who does everything right.  She trims the extra threads from the seam allowances on the back.  The quilt and back are pressed and folded carefully to avoid any extra wrinkling of the fabric. She pays careful attention to each detail, and that really makes a difference in the finished quilt.


The quilt and backing are square.  All these details take time and effort, but they really make a difference when I begin to work on the quilt.

I placed a feathered wreath in the center of the “plain” block, and a feathered “V” shape from the center of the “X” block.  That combined nicely with the feathered wreath to create an extended design.

Feathered Wreath

Feathered Wreath

Inside the red chain patches I put a very small continuous feather sprig to create a continuity of movement.

Detail of "X" block

Detail of “X” block

Ann used a double sawtooth border for this quilt, a feature that elevates the quilt visually.  I wanted the sawtooth to show and puff a bit, so I put a very simple continuous curve in it.

Ann's Extra Touch

Ann’s Extra Touch

Then I placed a very curvy feather along the entire border, again adding movement and softness.

This entire quilt was a pleasure to work on, and I’m very pleased with the results.  It is, however, difficult to see your quilting when you’re working with toile, so I had to work without the machine light on — otherwise I couldn’t see the stitches!

Here's a little bit of the back!

Here’s a little bit of the back!

Look for this quilt at the Pioneer Quilters’ 37th Annual Unbroken Thread Quilt Show, April 23-28, 2013, at the Lane County Historical Museum, Lane County Fairgrounds.  The show opens at 10am and closes at 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  Sunday, the last day of the show, the hours are 10am through 4pm.

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