Our Quilting Family

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April 23-28, 2013, the 37th Annual Unbroken Thread Quilt Show will be presented by the Pioneer Quilters and Lane County Historical Society and Museum.  The theme this year is “Our Quilting Family,” appropriate for our featured quilters, sisters Joyce Garrett and Jamie Wagle.

Joyce and Jamie have an impressive body of work to share during this show.  They have been members of Pioneer Quilters for many years, and have accumulated a number of friendship quilts and projects done together, but with individual style.  You will be astonished at the breadth of their work!

Our show will exhibit over 100 quilts, made by quilters in our local area as well as Pioneer Quilters.  Each year the show is a fabulous display of local talent.

The Pioneer Quilters enjoy sharing quilting knowledge with the public, so  each day the show features demonstrations and speaker presentations.

Speaker presentations are each day from 1-2, and every one is a “must-attend” this year.

Mary Maxwell's "A World View" presentation and trunk show, 2012

Mary Maxwell’s “A World View” presentation and trunk show, 2012

Tuesday April 23 features Art Quilter Sheila Steers (last year’s featured quilter) speaking on “What if…”

Sheila began quilting in 1976, and has studied color theory and taken workshops from internationally known instructors, using that information to challenge herself with each project.  You will enjoy insights into Sheila’s creative process as she asks the inner question, “What if…”

Demonstrations run from 10:30-12 and from 2-3:30.  Each demo will show a technique or project, with tips and information for you to try at home.

Jayne Scoggin's demo on Small Purses

Jayne Scoggin’s demo on Small Purses 2012

Tuesday April 23, will feature “BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag” demonstration by Merline Smith from 10:30-12, and “Embroidery 101” by Jeanette Singler from 2-3:30.

Everywhere you look you will see quilts and more quilts.  The Museum also exhibits quilts from its wonderful collection.

And of course, the Pioneer Quilters are on hand, working on a quilt in the frame!

Hand Quilting each day during the show

Hand Quilting each day during the show

This photo captures the essence of hand quilting at a frame.  Quilting & Talking...

This photo captures the essence of hand quilting at a frame. Quilting & Talking…

And more Quilting!

And more Quilting!

We hope you will join us!



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