Just a Couple More

This is another wonderful quilt by Jan G! You won’t find any intense feathers or bubbles or other quilting designs here; the quilting is and should be background, to emphasize the subject of the quilt, and hopefully enhance it.  I can imagine this quilt in a dog-lover’s home:

The Golden Lab

Golden Days

This dog looks so true to life, I can almost feel its happy disposition.  The green kerchief around its neck, and almost smile make me think I’m about to get a big loving lick, or maybe a request to go run in the park.

Closeup of the fur

Closeup of the fur

The eyes sparkle!

The eyes sparkle!

And yet another quilt by Jan G, a nice throw quilt showcasing beautiful batik fabrics:

Very nice color choices!

Very nice color choices!

The quilting is an allover feather and swirl design, inspired by the fabrics.  You can see a little bit of it in this closeup:

A little bit of fun here

A little bit of fun here

Even though the quilting isn’t dominant for these two quilts, it still plays an important supporting role, and I still have a lot of fun with little extra touches that can be viewed up close.

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