Whew! Made the Deadline!

I’m just coming up for air this week after finishing Deanna C’s big quilt.  It was a joy to work on, everything was square, flat, even edges and the borders were exactly right.  It was just big!

Deanna C’s Wedding Star quilt

The quilting went very easily, I’m just going to post the pictures so you can see for yourself…

Closeup of the Star

This is a Judy Niemeyer Wedding Star pattern.  As you can see, I inserted a little feather bouquet in the background area.

The curved cross-hatching was an idea given to me by a friend when I was wondering what to do in that small space in the oval.  The rings themselves are simply stitch in the ditch, just let the fabric speak for itself.

Closeup of a ring

This beautiful quilt will be shown at the quilt show in Coburg, OR this next weekend (July 28, 2012).  http://coburgquiltshow.org/

It was quite a rush at the last to get it completed and bound in time to deliver to the show.


This picture was taken from my teaching post at the EVQ Schoolhouse Night.  In the yellow is Susan Rogers, one of my students, and in the background you can see the other teaching stations.  I believe we had nine teachers; our members could choose three topics, 20 minutes at each table.  It was quite a rush to do the presentation, but everyone seemed to love the pincushions!  I had kits, 15 threaded needles and a very hot glue gun at the ready.  I gave out 43 pincushion kits that night.  Super fun!

FINALLY — Almost Done

Autumn Pathways Photo by Jesse Shields

The painting is finished.  I am now working on adding beads to the piece.  I will bind it in gold, with curved corners; I think that will go nicely with this piece.  All the color was done with pastel chalk.

Closeup of Autumn Pathways Photo by Jesse Shields

So this week I’ve been working on the beading.   I also quilted a very small piece (24×21) to donate to Emerald Valley Quilt Guild for their small quilt auction at their quilt show September 28 & 29, 2012.  I’ll post some pics of that later; it will also be a painted quilt.  The next client quilt is loaded on the frame, and today I’m going to play with the grandkids in celebration!


  1. July 26, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Your quilts are awesome as usual. Can’t wait to see the one at the Coburg Quilt Show!

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